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The organizations we’ve been privileged to help include dozens of Fortune 500 businesses from across the globe as well as privately held corporations and non-profit organizations. We also have extensive experience working with advertising agencies, direct marketing agencies, research companies, and management consulting firms as a strategic resource for their clients.

The results we have been able to produce for our clients and our level of customer service have been critical elements of our success. We strive to be our clients’ trusted advisor, and we take as personal their success. Review our case studies and the gains in performance we have helped our clients achieve.

At the end of the day, our relationship with our clients is the measure of our success.

List of Services

Econometric Modeling

  • Omnichannel Attribution Modeling & Optimization
  • Volumetric & Demand Forecasting
  • Brand Equity Metrics & Optimization
  • Linkage to Internal Service Quality Levels
  • Retention Forecasting & Optimization

Market Research

  • Customer Survey Development, Fielding, Analysis & Reporting
  • Syndicated Research Forecasts
  • Syndicated Research Mapping to Client Databases
  • Feasibility Studies

Discrete Choice Models & Segmentation

  • Buyer, Clone & Response Models
  • Customer Churn Models
  • Customer Upsell & Migration Models
  • Customer Lifetime Value & Optimization Models
  • Multi-Dimensional Customer & Messaging Segmentation
  • Multi-Phase / Product Communication Stream Management Models

Measurement, Tracking & Reporting

  • Experimental Test Design
  • Pre-Promotion Forecasts
  • Post-Promotion Sales & ROI Reporting
  • Productionalized Reporting