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With teams in Dallas / Fort Worth & Austin, Texas, Polaris Research, Inc., was founded in January 1999, by Dr. Roy W. Ralston, President & CEO.

We offer advanced econometric and research solutions to your business problems. We uniquely combine our team’s master’s and doctoral degrees in statistics, economics, sociology, psychology, business, and computer science with our consortium’s three decades of combined experience in media planning, creative development, project execution, and media analysis to generate an unparalleled synergy between media, creative, art, and science.

We improve our clients’ return-on-investment (ROI) on marketing, advertising, and operations expenditures through the application of advanced tools, techniques, and management philosophies across a wide array of marketing situations and business models.

We leverage a wide range of analytical solutions including econometric platforms (e.g., Omnichannel attribution modeling / optimization, volumetric & demand forecasting, customer segmentation & targeting, etc.), retention platforms, world-class survey measurement and indexing systems, continuous improvement, market share / segmentation / linkage platforms, competitive intelligence, organizational development & employee research, qualitative research, survey design & data collection, and customized simulation and dashboard reporting software.

Our business is focused on delivering customer value. We’re committed to providing the best service possible with cost-effective, integrated solutions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to 1) Listen carefully and fully understand client challenges, 2) Deliver innovative solutions that leverage years of experience and proven strategies, and 3) Impact the performance of marketing campaigns and the lifetime value of customers and employees.

Your company’s success is our one objective.

List of Services

Econometric Modeling

  • Omnichannel Attribution Modeling & Optimization
  • Volumetric & Demand Forecasting
  • Brand Equity Metrics & Optimization
  • Linkage to Internal Service Quality Levels
  • Retention Forecasting & Optimization

Market Research

  • Customer Survey Development, Fielding, Analysis & Reporting
  • Syndicated Research Forecasts
  • Syndicated Research Mapping to Client Databases
  • Feasibility Studies

Discrete Choice Models & Segmentation

  • Buyer, Clone & Response Models
  • Customer Churn Models
  • Customer Upsell & Migration Models
  • Customer Lifetime Value & Optimization Models
  • Multi-Dimensional Customer & Messaging Segmentation
  • Multi-Phase / Product Communication Stream Management Models

Measurement, Tracking & Reporting

  • Experimental Test Design
  • Pre-Promotion Forecasts
  • Post-Promotion Sales & ROI Reporting
  • Productionalized Reporting