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Welcome to Polaris Research

We are a recognized leader in combining the hard science of statistical analysis with the operational realities of dynamic marketing and media strategies. There are no easy answers, yet there are means to quantify and optimize the impact that marketing campaigns, customer experience, service, pricing, brand affinity, and competition have on your sales and revenue while controlling for those critical market forces such as consumer confidence, inflation, and even media costs.

Our approach is centered on a quantifiable understanding of your business leveraging decades of combined experience in research, analytics, marketing and media. By combining these strengths we are able to define the key performance indicators that are driving your business, make effective adjustments to your marketing strategy, and help establish a platform for on-going insights, planning, and optimization.

Browse our case studies, review the science of marketing mix optimization, and explore the opportunities that exist between our two companies. We welcome the opportunity to help you succeed.

Featured Solution

Marketing Mix Modeling & Optimization

Polaris Research’s Marketing Mix Modeling & Optimization platform delivers accurate ROI data and optimization tools to maximize performance across the entire media landscape.


List of Services

Econometric Modeling

  • Marketing Mix Modeling & Optimization
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • Volumetric & Demand Forecasting
  • Brand Equity Metrics & Optimization
  • Linkage to Internal Service Quality Levels
  • Retention Forecasting & Optimization

Market Research

  • Customer Survey Development, Fielding, Analysis & Reporting
  • Syndicated Research Forecasts
  • Syndicated Research Mapping to Client Databases
  • Feasibility Studies

Discrete Choice Models & Segmentation

  • Buyer, Clone & Response Models
  • Customer Churn Models
  • Customer Upsell & Migration Models
  • Customer Lifetime Value & Optimization Models
  • Multi-Dimensional Customer & Messaging Segmentation
  • Multi-Phase / Product Communication Stream Management Models

Measurement, Tracking & Reporting

  • Experimental Test Design
  • Pre-Promotion Forecasts
  • Post-Promotion Sales & ROI Reporting
  • Productionalized Reporting